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By: gloriagonzalee | August 18, 2015

Just about everyone knows that you can call Northbrook plumbers to help when you have 2 feet of water in your basement, but many people don’t realize what they can do to help resolve damp basements. Many people don’t even think that resolving a damp basement is important – but it could be crucial to your home and health. It should go without saying that a damp basement can easily turn into a flooded basement, after all, the moisture is coming in from somewhere.

Moisture, mildew, mold and a whole lot more problems

Basements should be dry and cool. Ideally, the basement was constructed so it sits partially or completely below ground and the concrete was properly sealed when poured so no moisture gets in. Due to improper construction, or just the aging of the concrete, moisture can begin to come into a basement. It then begins to form mold and mildew. While that may seem like it is simply resolved by not keeping anything fragile on the floor in the basement, that mold and mildew is also getting into your walls. It can travel even further because it will naturally gravitate towards your pipes to go through the whole home.

Where the moisture comes from also opens the door to infestations

All concrete basements have pipes passing through to allow the interior plumbing to connect to the main lines. Again, poor construction or just age can increase the gap around the pipes to allow in rodents, insects and other animals that shouldn’t be welcome in your home. You can exterminate these pests to your hearts content, and then do it again and again; but nothing will change until pipe collars are installed to seal the gaps.

What can Northbrook plumbers do for a damp basement?

What your Northbrook plumbers are going to recommend as a solution for your damp basement is going to depend on what they diagnose as the originating issue. They can do everything from install pipe seals and collars, replace sweating pipes, reseal joints, wrap pipes and install sump pumps – just to name a few of their services. The whole idea with calling in experts is to get their opinion of the best way that you can keep your basement a dry haven, and prevent it from becoming an indoor pool.

Getting ready to call a plumber

One thing you should take advantage of is the technical advantages the digital age gives you when you need Northbrook plumbers. You can do all sorts of wondrous things such as look up reputation and find discount offers but the real advantage is right in your hand. Before you call a plumber, take pictures especially if there is an intermittent spot or leak this is vital. Your pictures are going to radically cut down on the amount of time it will take your plumber to diagnose your problem. It will also tell them more about your problem than words because it shows them the issue. Once you have your pictures, call your Northbrook plumbers and find out what they can do for you.

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