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By: gloriagonzalee | March 25, 2015

sewer back up

What Happens when the Sewer Backs Up?

Some of us have experienced a sewer back up first hand, and we know just how gross it can be to have to try and deal with it. But, what happens when the sewer backs up? What kind of damage does it cause, and what are you going to have to do in order to make sure that you’ve got your life back in order after it all goes down? Here are some of the biggest issues that you’re going to have to deal with if you have flooding from a sewer back up.

It Leaves a Huge Mess Everywhere It Goes

Sewer water is disgusting enough when it’s just sitting. When it gets out, it’s that much worse. First off, it’s standing water, which has its own set of problems with bacteria and diseases to start with. Throw in the fact that pretty much all of your waste goes into these systems, and you’ve got a feeding ground for a plethora of harmful stuff making a very high chance of causing the people around it to become very ill – in some cases, deathly ill. 


It Needs to Be Cleaned up By Professionals

No matter how good of a cleaning job you do, you’re not going to be a match against professional tools that have actually been built to deal with sewer back up flooding. It’s worth knowing that all the water is out and that mold and decay isn’t going to cause you and your loved ones to become sick. Many times, this is covered by your insurance.

You May Need to Do Some Renovations and Remodeling

This all depends on where your damage happened. You may have to rip out the carpet to prevent health problems from occurring. You may have to fix some of the pillars or whatever else is holding up the bottom floor of your house. Or, you may need to remodel a little bit to make sure that everything with water damage is out and you don’t have to fret about health issues. Once again, insurance may be able to help out. 

Sewer back up can be really hard to deal with if you have to work through flooding on top of everything else. There is insurance that covers those sorts of things (flood insurance or homeowners’ insurance, depending on what you’re talking about), but that doesn’t make it any less stressful to try and deal with. Get help as soon as you can. 

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